Archery World Cup 2012 Stage 1

Archery World Cup 2012 Stage 1

Default Shooting Place

Apr 10, 2012 - Apr 15, 2012

Tournament Information

Level: World Cup Events

Discipline: Outdoor

Round Information

  • 50m round
  • 70m round


  • Compound
  • Recurve

Custom Notes

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Transportation Transportation will be provided from Shanghai airport to the official hotels, two days before the official practice day and two days after the closing day. Local transport will be available between official hotels and practice and competition venues. Transport timetables will be confirmed. Buses and/or vans will be provided. Cancellations & Changes Written Cancellations must be: • Received before 9 March 2012 for full refund of the deposit payment • Received later than 9 March 2012, no refund. All refunds, if any, will be processed after the event. Name change (the same category and division) will be accepted up to 72 hours before the event without any additional charge. OC should be informed about changes in the travel program 72 hours prior arrivals. If your arrival is later than your original schedule, the room charges are starting from the original date indicated by the Member Association in their Accommodation forms. Training A training field will be available starting from 8 April 2012. The training field is near the competition field and is about 3-5 km from the hotels. Weather According to weather information, the average temperature in April is expected to be 11-18°C. Ceremonies Archery Venue and World Archery dress code. All teams are required to bring 2 national flags or association’s flags (2x1m). Internet is available in the hotels. Shanghai, the city The city of Shanghai is the largest city in China in terms of population and one of the largest urban areas in the world, with over 20 million people in its extended metropolitan area. Located on China's central eastern coast at the mouth of the Yangtze River, the city is administered as a municipality with province-level status. The city is an emerging tourist destination renowned for its historical landmarks such as the Bund and Xintiandi, its modern and ever-expanding Pudong skyline including the Oriental Pearl Tower, and its new reputation as a center of culture and design. Shanghai is Chinese center for commerce and finance, and has been described as the "showpiece" of the world's fastest-growing economy. Top Attractions The Bund & Huangpu River Huangpu River is not only the mother river of Shanghai, which divides the city into east and west parts, but also assembles the splendid tourist attractions of the city. Situated on the east bank of the Huangpu River, the Bund is the symbol of Shanghai. New finance and commercial houses as well as grand buildings built in 1930s in the European architectural styles cluster along the Bund. At night bright lights add to the happy atmosphere as people stroll along the wide riverside promenade. Nanjing Road Nanjing Road is considered to be the No. 1 commercial street in China, which has been a landmark for this city for a long time. Along its 5.5 kilometers, you will find over 600 shops that on average are visited by some 1.7 million people each day. Here, you could purchase everything wanted, spanning from special and cheap souvenirs of Shanghai to the luxurious world famous brands. Yuyuan Garden Yuyuan Garden is the largest of Shanghai's ancient gardens with Ming and Qing architectural styles. The garden has six areas, each with its own style. The Grand Rockery, in the center of the Garden, is the most renowned sight. Near the garden, there is the City God Temple of Shanghai, where various of local snack shops and streets are scattered around. Jade Buddha Temple It is one of the most famous Buddhist shrines in Shanghai. The White Jade Buddhas were brought here from Burma in the nineteenth century. One is seated while the other is in the recumbent position of Sakyamuni symbolizing the Buddha's attainment of enlightenment or nirvana. The temple also has some impressive images of the Heavenly Kings. Although many people come to worship each day and burn incense at this very holy and active shrine, visitors are welcome. Shanghai Xin Tian Di If you want to experience the historical and cultural atmosphere of the city, Xin Tian Di is a wise choice. Composed of Shikumen and modern architectural style, now it has become a hot and fashionable pedestrian street in the center of the city. Actually, it stands for the popular and leisurely life style of this city's new generation. The outdoor cafés, bars and romantic restaurants can be seen everywhere. Similar Attraction: Tianzifang Shanghai is hailed as the "Shopping Paradise" and "Oriental Paris". So if you come to Shanghai, shopping should not be missed any more than its other charming attractions. Providing the very best of shopping has become an indispensable part of Shanghai's tourism industry.

Program Description

PRELIMINARY PROGRAM 8 April 2012 Sunday Arrival of participants Practice field and local transport available 9 April 2012 Monday Arrival of participants Practice field and local transport available 10 April 2012 Tuesday Official Practice Team Captains Meeting 11 April 2012 Wednesday Qualification Round 12 April 2012 Thursday Individual Eliminations 13 April 2012 Friday Mixed Team & Team Eliminations 14 April 2012 Saturday Finals – Recurve 15 April 2012 Sunday Finals – Compound 16 April 2012 Monday Departure of teams NOTE: This preliminary program could be changed slightly according to number of participants and TV requirements. All changes will be published and distributed to all participants in good time

Accomodation Description

ACCOMMODATION & GENERAL INFORMATION The official hotels are Minya Hotel and Supreme Tower Hotel. The accommodation cost will include breakfast, lunch and dinner with non–alcohol drinks. Lunch boxes will be provided at the venue to archers and teams who do not have time to go to the hotel for lunch. Teams who book their own accommodation will be charged a double entry fee. • Reservations should be made before 10 February 2012. • Final Hotel Reservation & Transportation Forms: 2 March 2012. • To confirm the reservation, a 50% deposit of the total amount is required to be bank transferred to the OC before 2 March 2012. Reservations after this date will be considered only according to availability. 1. Minya Hotel (5 Star) Single Room $170 (including Lunch & Dinner Buffet) Double Room $235 (including Lunch & Dinner Buffet) 2. Supreme Tower Hotel (4 Star) Single Room $115 (including Lunch & Dinner Buffet) Double Room $145 (including Lunch & Dinner Buffet) Important Note: Please refer to the Accommodation pages below for detailed hotel information. Please complete all the necessary forms by the deadline and make full payment for accommodation at the time of booking (or in cash in USD upon arrival). No credit cards or travel checks will be accepted. Participants who book their accommodation in non-official hotels will have to pay double entre fee, and the LOC is not responsible to provide transportation from this Hotel to the venue (transport for these persons will be provided only from the official hotels). In addition, no information will be distributed to the nonofficial hotels. Furthermore they have to register at accreditation latest the day before the official practice. If they do not register the day before, no changes will be made to the entry list and it is likely that they will not be allowed to compete if registration is not completed in time and they cannot be allocated to a target without making any changes to the other teams. HOTEL RESERVATION FORM Country/Team from: ___________________________________________ Hotel: ____________________________________ Number of Rooms: Single: Double: Date: ______________________ Signature of President / Secretary General: ______________________________ PLEASE RETURN THIS HOTEL RESERVATION FORM TO OC BEFORE 10 February 2012 by email to TRANSPORTATION FORM Country/Team from: ___________________________________________ Number of passengers: ___________ person/s Arrival information We will arrive by plane: Airport: ___________________________ Flight Nr: _______________ Date: _____________________ Arrival Time: _______________ We will arrive to Shanghai by: _______________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Departure information We will depart by plane: Airport: _________________________ Flight Nr: _______________ Date: ______________________ Departure Time: _______________ We will depart Shanghai by: ________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Date: ____________ Signature: ______________________________ President / Secretary General MA: _______________________________ PLEASE RETURN THIS TRANSPORTATION FORM TO OC BEFORE 10 February 2012 by email to

Entry Fees Description

ENTRY FEE Entry fee: Individual: 160 USD per archer Officials: 100 USD per person Entry fee in NON official hotels: Individual: 320 USD per archer Officials: 200 USD per person There is no entry fee for teams. Entry fee includes daily local transport to and from practice field to the official hotels during the qualification, elimination and finals venues (timetable to be confirmed). PAYMENT CONDITIONS: The entry fees should be paid in full upon arrival. For the payment of accommodation, a 50% deposit of the total amount payable is required and is due by 2 March 2012. The balance shall be made upon arrival. Accommodation cannot be guaranteed after this deadline. A balance invoice will be provided after payment. BANK INFORMATION for ACCOMMODATION, TRANSPORTATION and ENTRY FEES: BANK: CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK SHANGHAI XUHUI SUBBRANCH ADDRESS: 1632 HUAI HAI MIDDLE ROAD SHANGHAI, CHINA BANK ACCOUNT HOLDER NAME: SHANGHAI SHITUO XINXI ZIXUN FUWU YOUXIAN GONGSI ACCOUNT NO: 31001558800056000780 SWIFT CODE: PCBCCNBJSHX NOTE: ALL PAYMENTS SHALL BE MADE IN USD _ By BANK TRANSFER or _ By CASH upon arrival. All bank charges will be paid by the participants. CREDIT CARDS or TRAVEL CHECKS will not be accepted. FINAL HOTEL RESERVATION & ENTRY FEE FORM Personal Details Women Men Name of Member Association :_________________________________________ Country / Region: _____________________ Contact Name : ________________________________ Telephone : __________________ E-mail : _____________________ Hotel Accommodation Minya Hotel (*****) Single USD 170 Double in per room USD 235 Supreme Tower Hotel (****) Single USD 115 Double in per room USD 145 Please reserve the following: ________ SINGLE ROOM From _________________ to ________________ 2012 _______ DOUBLE ROOM From _________________ to ________________ 2012 ___________________ TOTAL ROOMS Flight Details We will arrive/departure to/from __________________________________ International Airport by plane. Or We will arrive/depart to/from Shanghai by other means. Please indicate _______________________________________ Date of Arrival __________________________ Time __________________________ Flight __________________________ Date of Departure __________________________ Time __________________________ Flight __________________________ Accommodation Payment ROOM TYPE AMOUNT OF ROOMS NIGHT RATE P/N TOTAL RATE _____________ _____________________ _________________ ________________ Single __________________ x ___________ x = _______________ Double __________________ x ___________ x = _______________ TOTAL ACCOMMODATION AMOUNT _____________________________ Entry Fee Payment The entry fee payment should be made in cash in USD upon arrival. Participants who decide to book their own accommodation will have to pay double entry fee (this is the case for both official and non-official hotels). FEE NUMBER OF PERSONS ENTRY FEE (USD) TOTAL (USD) archers ___________________ x USD 160 = ________________________ officials ___________________ x USD 100 = ________________________ TOTAL ENTRY FEE __________________________ Banquet Fee NUMBER OF PERSONS BANQUET FEE (USD) TOTAL (USD) ______________________ x USD 30 = __________________________ TO GUARANTEE YOUR RESERVATIONS The 50% deposit of the accommodation must be paid in advance by 2 March 2012 made by bank transfer. The balance payment is due by arriving. Please send this form to the Organising Committee BEFORE 2 March 2012 by email


Recurve - Seniors - Male - 70m round


Recurve - Seniors - Female - 70m round


Compound - Seniors - Male - 50m round


Compound - Seniors - Female - 50m round